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2 - 7 JANUARY 2017



Something New


Most of us have either heard of or completed the Lüderitz to Walvis Bay trip through the Namib Desert, spent New Year at Saddle Hill, done the Faces of the Namib or driven the Skeleton Coast north of Swakopmund. Cederberg 4x4 now offers something completely new. A five night trip in the Namib Naukluft Park and Spergebiet No 2, visiting the Koichab Pan, Koichab River, the Kirch Mountains with amazing views over the Tiras Mountains and the Gunsbewys grasslands is a must for any desert or sand lover. No other vehicle tracks, people or vehicles will be seen while on this trip. We will enter the Namib Desert on the original road that leads to the Koichab Pan, starting approximately halfway between Aus and Lüderitz on the B2. It is not the same road used for all the other trips to the desert by other companies. The ruins of a transport wagon used and left behind in the First World War in the battle between the British troops and the German Schutztruppe, as well as the wreck of a burnt out Toyota Prado. The driver made a mistake while reversing by hanging the vehicles back wheels up over a dry grass mound. The vehicle was stuck and the exhaust ignited the grass with catastrophic results. 


The trip will start in Lüderitz by setting camp on the beach at Kartoffelbucht near Lüderitz for the first night. The camp offers the use of a lapa, flush toilet and a warm shower. A scrumptious dinner will be prepared and served at the camp. After breakfast the following morning we will depart for the Koichab Pan in the Namib Naukluft Park and Spergebiet No 2. The area we will be visiting is not open to the general public and we will be using one of the local concession holders.

We will leave the tar road (B2) and head north approximately halfway between Lüderitz and Aus. The Koichab Pan is our first destination with breath-taking views and many photo opportunities. From here we will head for the dry riverbed of the Koichab River that meandres through the Kirch Mountains, where many camel thorn trees and narra bushes can be found. For the next three nights we will be setting camp in the dunes some 280m above the level of the Koichan River. Our first camp is camp Savanna, set high in the dunes, with amazing views over the savannas and the mountains in the far distance. The next two days some of the biggest dunes in the Namib Desert will be driven, with escapes at the more difficult dunes encountered. Our next two desert camps will be at camp Kaiyalitsha and camp Nkandla also high in the dunes above the Koichab River. On the forth day we will once again descend to the altitude of the Koichab dry river bed, heading east past the wreck of the Prado before setting camp at Camp Ute with amazing views over the Tiras Mountains and the Gunsbewys grasslands. We should reach Aus around lunch time where the trip officially ends and we say our good-byes to our fellow participants.



We are sure many of you dream of spending New Year far away from the maddening crowd, shopping centres and the normal daily routines of life.  The Cederberg 4x4 New Year’s trip to the Namib Desert, starting 2 January 2017, will give you the opportunity to realize this dream. Spoil your family and loved ones and join other like-mined people on a trip of a lifetime.


On crossing the border into Namibia one experiences an exhilarating feeling of “YES!!!!” now I’m on holiday.   This feeling is strengthened when either spending New Year in total tranquillity along the Orange River (Gariep), at Klein Aus Vista or in Lüderitz, your last food and fuel replenishment point. The camp is set on the beach with beautiful views over the bay. Now there is no turning back and you reassure yourself that everything is packed and you’re ready to start an adventure of a lifetime. It’s a feeling of uncertainty, yet excitement is building up to the next day when you will be experiencing and driving the large sand dunes of the Namib Desert. Having had the privilege of driving through the Namib Desert on numerous occasions, I guarantee you will feel the build-up of excitement when tyres are deflated before entering the Namib Desert.  In the dunes of the Namib Desert, your priorities suddenly change and the only important point at that stage is to keep the vehicle in front of you in sight at all times.  It seems that the vehicle in front of you is the only life-line with the outside world before reality steps in and you realize that all vehicles in the convoy have radio communication and you are part of a convoy that will be driving some of the highest dunes in the Namib Desert. Each day will ensure its own highlights, from exciting dune driving, breath taking views offering endless photo opportunities, spotting of desert Oryx to receiving much history about the diamond era of Spergebiet No 2.


Life is a journey, make it the best ride possible!



All information supplied is given in good faith by Cederberg 4x4 and compiled from the latest information available at the time.  The activities, as indicated, are subject to change without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Cederberg 4x4 or the guide.


Vehicles : Only vehicles WITH LOW RANGE capabilities can be accommodated.
Trailers  : Off – Road caravans and trailers CANNOT be accommodated on this excursion.
Grading : Dune driving is between 2 and 3.
Nearest Towns : Luderitz.
Guide    : Richard White.



PLACE:    KARTOFFELBUCHT on the road to Diaz Point from Lüderitz.
     GPS Coordinates – S 26° 38.526’  E 015° 08.123’

DATE  :      MONDAY 2 JANUARY 2017.

TIME  :       Arrive any time during the day, at your own convenience.
                 NB. The camping and dinner this evening is included in the price quoted.



Upon entering the town of Lüderitz on the B2 turn left at the DIAZ POINT road indicator. Follow the road for approximately 12km to Kartoffelbucht on your right hand side. GPS coordinates for the camp is S 26° 38.526’  E 015° 08.123’.




The total distance from Kartoffelbucht near Lüderitz to Aus where the trips ends is approximately 500km. 

Diesel Vehicles will be required to carry a minimum of 125lt of diesel.
Petrol Vehicles will be required to carry a minimum of 160lt of petrol. 

Fuel consumption for the New Years trip into the desert can be calculated as follows - Petrol vehicles
3 - 4km/lt and diesel vehicles 4 - 5km/lt.  Plan your amount of fuel based on these figures.




Three meals will be supplied for the duration of the trip, starting with dinner the first evening at Kartoffelbucht and lunch the last day of the trip.
Supply your own cutlery and crockery.
Supply your own alcoholic and soft drink beverages.
Please indicate any eating preferences if required.
Each vehicle will be required to carry 20lt of fresh water for the kitchen. You must supply.




You will be required to supply your own tent, sleeping bag or bedding. Rooftop tents are welcome.




A long drop toilet will be available at each camp. A mobile shower will be erected at each camp. You will be required to supply your own water for the shower.




DRINKING WATER - No fresh drinking water available on the trip.  Bring own drinking water. 
WATER – You will be required to carry your own shower and wash water.
WATER – You will be required to carry 20lt water for the kitchen.
WOOD – Each vehicle will be required to carry two small bags of wood that will be supplied.
GARBAGE – You will be required to take all your own garbage out of the desert.
ICE – Ensure you have enough ice for the duration of the trip.
The days could be warm and the night’s cold.  Pack clothing accordingly.
Advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes or boots.
Advisable to have a broad rim hat and sun block on hand.
Advisable to always have a sun umbrella or awning on hand.
Remember to bring your cameras, video cameras, spare batteries and extra memory cards.



All vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition.
Always have your spare keys with you.
Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite.
Your own Kinetic/recovery strap will be advisable.
A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge will be required to deflate/inflate tyres.
Please ensure that a fire extinguisher is mounted in your vehicle.
Use tie-down straps to secure all items packed.  Loose items can become missiles.




All vehicles will be supplied with two-way radios for the duration of the trip into the desert. If you intend running more than one item from the lighter socket, ensure to have double adapter handy. Please ensure that the lighter socket in your vehicle is working.



Two-way radios for the desert trip.
Park fees, concession fees and local guide fees.
Three meals per day starting with dinner the first evening at Namtip camp and ending at lunch the last day exiting from the desert.
Long drop toilet will be erected at each camp.
Shower enclosure with shower equipment. Clients to supply own water. Water will be warmed on the fire.




Adults & children 18yrs and older R7950-00 per adult.
Children 13 – 17yrs   R3950-00 per child.      
Children 4 – 12yrs   R2450-00 per child.  
Children 3yrs & younger  FREE




A pre-trip briefing will be held on Wednesday 7 December 2016 in Cape Town. The venue will be announced closer to the time.



Should you wish to join us on this excursion, please contact Marina immediately to obtain the booking form and bank details for Cederberg 4x4.
We can accommodate a maximum of 12 vehicles on this excursion.
A 50% deposit per person is required upon booking.
The total outstanding cost for the excursion is payable on or before Thursday 1 December 2016.
Should you wish to withdraw or cancel your trip, you will be responsible to find other people to fill your place on this trip before any refunds will be considered. See cancellation clause on booking form.
Cederberg 4x4 only confirms a booking upon receipt of the proof of payment and the fully completed and signed booking form faxed to 021 913 2333.



Contact:  COENIE on 083 675 6194 or MARINA on 021 913 4632



All information supplied remains the intellectual property of Cederberg 4x4