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4x4 Driver Training Program - 2018


The aim of Cederberg 4x4 Driver Training is to provide high quality, value-for-money training and adventure, ensuring the transfer of skills and allowing 4x4 vehicle owners to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle benefits to the optimum, under safe conditions, with the minimum impact on the environment.


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Other Courses offered by Cederberg 4x4


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It is important to contact Marina on 021 913 4632 to confirm availability on the date of your choice.

We accommodate a maximum of 6 vehicles and a minimum of 3 vehicles on the day of the training.

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Listed below is general information about Cederberg 4x4 basic and advanced driver courses, as well as recovery, with emphasis on the safety aspects around all these activities.



Our 4x4 training theory is done at Cederberg 4x4 in La Rochelle, Bellville. The practical is done just around the corner at Altydgedaght Wine Estate, Durbanville. 


No 4x4 training facility offers the option of mountain/rock as well as sand driver training. For this reason I offer trainees the option of either a morning or afternoon in Atlantis Dunes to experience sand driving at its best and to hone their sand driving skills at no extra training cost per person. See below.


Food and beverages at Training Course

Upon arrival in the morning, coffee/tea and muffins will be served. A light picnic lunch and bottled water will be supplied, to be enjoyed en-route while on the practical course.


Food and beverages at Atlantis Dunes 

Everybody will be required to be self-sufficient for the duration in the dunes.


Cederberg 4x4 Driver Training Course

The 4x4 driver-training course consists of four hours of theory, where all aspects regarding 4x4 driver training over the various terrains drivers might encounter in their daily work requirements or leisure activities is covered. Basic mechanics of a 4x4 vehicle will be discussed, enabling people to understand why a 4x4 vehicle can also get stuck. The different driving techniques through sand, rock/mountain, water and mud will also be discussed. Many other hints and tips will be shared, enriching people with knowledge and confidence. Basic recovery will be covered, as well as the important safety aspects that go hand in hand with recovery. Specific attention will be given to questions relating to situations experienced by the people present. This always ensures interaction where important points are shared with everyone. We encourage people to bring questions to the course to be discussed on the day.


The practical session will entail putting into practice the theory of the morning session. This will take you through the many obstacles on the training course, allowing you to negotiate them in the correct and safe way. Correct driving techniques ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, lower maintenance on vehicles, with the minimum impact to the environment.


To facilitate the sand driving practical of the training course, we offer an optional 3 hour sand driving practical session at  Atlantis Dunes. The date and time of these practical sand driving sessions will be shared with everyone that has completed the initial training. The cost for the sand driving session at Atlantis Dunes is for the entrance permits to Atlantis Dunes, the hiring of two-way radios, ensuring safety for all and to cover the basic costs of the instructor.


We highly recommend drivers who intend doing the course include their spouse/friend. This ensures that passengers and drivers alike are familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the vehicle. With regard to safety, it is important that the passenger be in a position to become the driver with confidence, should the original driver be injured or unable to drive.


To book for training please contact:


MARINA at Tel: 021 9101 363 or Fax: 021 9132333 or E-Mail info@cederberg4x4.co.za


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